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Emerging adults

Between the ages of 15 and 25, we begin to discover ourselves. This is the time when we emerge from puberty into adulthood. Things can look scary and confusing, because emerging adults are working towards autonomy and independence. It’s a time of stark black and white thinking and impulsivity as our brains mature… but are not fully developed yet.

It’s a challenging time for parents, too. Our maturing children need connection, but they also push us away.


Unambiguously profound impact on my life

You’ve had an immeasurable, yet unambiguously profound impact on my life and I will never forget the way you have made me feel and the lessons I have learned. I know I am not alone in that regard.


Exceptional professionals

The office environment that you provided and the exceptional professionals that gathered under that roof are top notch. I am so grateful to have you as my psychiatrist and to have worked with Kate in a group setting. I know for sure my life would not be as manageable and joyful as it is right now, without the help of Psych Garden. 


The greatest integrity and skill

You and Psych Garden have the greatest integrity and skill that is rare in our line of work. You are an exceptional clinician and a good human!


I couldn’t imagine going inpatient or detox

Stopping use was a scary prospect but I couldn’t imagine going inpatient or detox. You took your time and we felt very taken care of. We appreciated that you were so straight-forward with us and explained what I’d feel… It wasn’t easy but it got me off to the right start.


The progress I've made since I started here is remarkable

What you've created here is really special and unique. I've been in therapies for 16 years but the progress I've made since I started here [a few months ago] is remarkable… the combination of your therapy - which goes so much deeper than any other I've had - with the meditation group, the case management and the medication changes - they've all come together... I cannot say how fortunate I feel to have found you all.


Clear and reassuring

I was nervous about medication, but you respected that, and made me very comfortable with the options. Throughout my treatment, you were clear and reassuring and were always attentive to what I wanted to do. That made all the difference.


My family and I are extremely grateful to you

I just want to say my family and I are extremely grateful to you. My wife always says if we’d just moved to Boston for you, it would be worth it. I agree. Keep up your great work.


Something new is beginning

I’m still a bit wrung out from today, but feeling deep and strong, like something new is beginning. Thank you!


You honored each of us

When no one else could, you gained Mike’s trust and respect. When no one else would, you invited me – as Mike’s mother – to be a part of the wellness process. You honored each of us and recognized the separate struggles we were each experiencing; in doing so, you gave each of us hope and the strength necessary to address our challenges.

We understand

We are here for you as you figure out this next stage in your life

We know that a lot changes during the teenage years and beyond – for both kids and parents. It can be a wonderful and also terrifying time, as kids emerge into young adults striving towards an identity, autonomy and independence. It’s a time of stark black and white thinking and impulsivity as brains mature; when kids act strident but feel unsure.


Risks and temptations are everywhere. Kids say little but feel so much; they act like they don’t care but care deeply. It’s a challenging time for parents, too. Our maturing children need connection, but they also push us away. We feel protective and frightened, exhausted and devalued, unsure of what lies ahead for them and for us.


Psych Garden can help the kids safely find their path. We’re here to support you through it all – with knowledge, wisdom, and kindness.

Balancing autonomy & collaboration

Effective psychology balances the need to treat clients’ internal values and feelings as well as their external world. During emerging adulthood, this means helping both our clients and their families navigate the journey from dependent children to autonomous adults.


Work with the family can be essential – helping the family during this shift. It’s a journey best taken together, in collaboration with members of the family and a holistic team of specialists to help guide and support decisions along the way.

Working with families

Family members care deeply about the young people in their lives and fear for their safety – especially when they see them making choices they may not understand. This fear and anxiety can drive the intensity of the family’s intervention.

Often, family members see certain behaviors and anticipate the need to intervene – which can feel very hostile and critical to the emerging adult, who wants connection and love, but also wants autonomy and respect.

Valued goals and rewards

Families and loved ones can inadvertently reinforce unwanted behavior. We may find ourselves enabling the very behaviors that concern us, funding our kids to protect them, or criticising our partners so they shut down or self-medicate. These patterns of reinforcement can be changed so that we positively reinforce valued goals and stop encouraging problem behaviors. Contingency management principles are both highly effective and rarely implemented but are taught and modelled at Psych Garden to shape behavior towards safety, collaboration and flourishing.

We work with the whole family to discover our clients’ valued goals and use rewards to support long-term healing and growth.