How we help you grow

Family and couples therapy

We use particular therapies for particular problems. Everything at Psych Garden is individualized and based on careful assessment.

Depending on the issue and attachment style, we see people together or separately, and use a behavioral or emotional focus – using CRAFT or EFT as core modalities.

People have a hard time making changes and sustaining improvements because it isn’t just about them. Families can be burned out by conflict, psychiatric symptoms, and addictions. Connection can be in tatters, with cycles of beseeching, withdrawal and rage. Shifting to adaptive cycles can be hard. However, when families know how to, they can slow down, set healthy limits with love, empathize and encourage. Then, true healing and connection are possible.


Unambiguously profound impact on my life

You’ve had an immeasurable, yet unambiguously profound impact on my life and I will never forget the way you have made me feel and the lessons I have learned. I know I am not alone in that regard.


Exceptional professionals

The office environment that you provided and the exceptional professionals that gathered under that roof are top notch. I am so grateful to have you as my psychiatrist and to have worked with Kate in a group setting. I know for sure my life would not be as manageable and joyful as it is right now, without the help of Psych Garden. 


The greatest integrity and skill

You and Psych Garden have the greatest integrity and skill that is rare in our line of work. You are an exceptional clinician and a good human!


I couldn’t imagine going inpatient or detox

Stopping use was a scary prospect but I couldn’t imagine going inpatient or detox. You took your time and we felt very taken care of. We appreciated that you were so straight-forward with us and explained what I’d feel… It wasn’t easy but it got me off to the right start.


The progress I've made since I started here is remarkable

What you've created here is really special and unique. I've been in therapies for 16 years but the progress I've made since I started here [a few months ago] is remarkable… the combination of your therapy - which goes so much deeper than any other I've had - with the meditation group, the case management and the medication changes - they've all come together... I cannot say how fortunate I feel to have found you all.


Clear and reassuring

I was nervous about medication, but you respected that, and made me very comfortable with the options. Throughout my treatment, you were clear and reassuring and were always attentive to what I wanted to do. That made all the difference.


My family and I are extremely grateful to you

I just want to say my family and I are extremely grateful to you. My wife always says if we’d just moved to Boston for you, it would be worth it. I agree. Keep up your great work.


Something new is beginning

I’m still a bit wrung out from today, but feeling deep and strong, like something new is beginning. Thank you!


You honored each of us

When no one else could, you gained Mike’s trust and respect. When no one else would, you invited me – as Mike’s mother – to be a part of the wellness process. You honored each of us and recognized the separate struggles we were each experiencing; in doing so, you gave each of us hope and the strength necessary to address our challenges.

CRAFT for addictions

We use Contingency Reinforcement Approach – Family Therapy (CRAFT) as the cornerstone of our approach. We see the family (or partner) as separate from the person at the center of concern, even if – or perhaps especially if – that person is disinterested in treatment for themselves. We train the family in effective communication, collaborative problem solving, self-care, healthy limit-setting and positive encouragement of healthy goals. Instead of making decisions based on fear, which can produce nagging, cajoling, forcing, criticism and alienation, families can use what works. It’s hard to do well, but we do, And it’s one of the most important tools we have.  It is astounding what a difference this makes.


We are fortunate to have Drew Welch RN lead this team. He is widely regarded and sought out by families across the world for his careful attunement, kindness and skill in this model.

Emotionally focused therapy for couples

We use EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy), an empirically based model that has been shown to have recovery rates that are higher than any other forms of therapy for couples.


EFT is a combination of humanistic, family systems, experiential, and attachment theories. It provides you with a clear map and rationale for what is happening when you and your partner get disconnected or escalate into conflict. Even if the outcome is separation, the clients feel clearer about what happened and about what they would need from a partner and themselves in the future.


We are lucky to have Danielle Green LICSW oversee our program. She is a nationally respected teacher and supervisor of this approach, with 20 years’ experience.

High complexity cases

People with complex issues need coordinated care – something sorely lacking in our healthcare system, where treaters don’t talk to each other and families are left to pick up the pieces. At Psych Garden, the team meets every day to discuss cases and to plan. Our High Complexity Track brings a honed care model utilizing individual, group, family, coaching and psychopharm clinicians.


After assessment, we will meet as a team (meaning the patient + family +  all the clinicians) and, as progress is made on several fronts, we continue to talk and meet regularly, adapting the plan as we go. While this entails some extra costs, it can prevent the cycle of inpatient and residential care and get people moving forward in the real world.