What is

Psychological testing?

Psychological testing can help you build an understanding of what barriers might be standing in the way of you reaching your full potential and gaining a better understanding of your ways of thinking and behaving. With the administering psychologist, you will learn how to capitalize on your strengths and insights gleaned from assessment to overcome difficulties in your life.

How we can help

When is psychological testing useful?

Diagnostic testing is helpful to gain clarity and insight into a lot of different clinical concerns:


  • To gain accommodations at school or work
  • To clarify diagnoses such as ADHD, learning disorders, and personality characteristics
  • To address a specific question that may have arose in therapy

*It is important to remember that some testing results are considered “a snapshot of your current functioning” and, thus, are time-limited in their relevance and application. Some measures need to be readministered after predetermined time frames if seeking accommodations. The administering psychologist can explain more.

Working with you

What does a psychological diagnostic testing battery look like?

The tests used in a battery are individualized to the question(s) you and your therapist are looking to answer. A typical testing experience would include a comprehensive interview with the administering psychologist, followed by several hours of meetings that may spread across a couple of days with the psychologist, where they will administer specific tests that are applicable to your concerns. The administering psychologist might find it helpful to have interviews with important people in your life like your parents, partners, or teachers as well as your therapist or other close providers.

Once the battery is administered, the psychologist scores the tests, interprets the results, and writes a comprehensive diagnostic report. You and the administrating psychologist will then meet with you to discuss the results and their recommendations moving forward. You will be provided with a copy of the report for your records, and to share with others as you see fit.

Working with you


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