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75-minute Initial Evaluation- $700
60-minute session - $600
45-minute session - $450
30-minute Medication Management session- $350
15-minute session - $200
75-90-minute one-time consultation - $700-$800
Consultation for medical or nursing boards, legal review and preparation, etc - $2,500 retainer
Other services pro-rated at $600/ hour
Ask us about fee relief.

Psychologists (not currently available):

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75-minute Initial Evaluation - $350
60-minute session - $275
45-minute session - $250

Therapists and Registered Nurse:

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75-minute Initial Evaluation - $325
60-minute session - $300
45-minute session - $240
Medication Administration, including giving injections, processing orders and delivery coordination - $240

Couples Therapy Initial Evaluation:

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90-minute couples evaluation - $375

**Please Note: Drew Welch, RN is not reimbursable through most insurance plans.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) Rates:

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75-minute Initial Evaluation - $400
60-minute KAP Integration Session - $300
60-minute KAP Preparation Session - $300
3 hour KAP Treatment Session - $1,200

Case Management Rates:

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Kerri Kuklentz, Case Manager

$150 per hour including travel time. Services are prorated to the Case Manager’s hourly rate

**Please Note: Case Management Services are not reimbursable through any insurance provider

**Please Note: Out-of-Session Work is prorated to the provider’s hourly session rate. Time spent over 5 minutes will be billed.

Examples of Out-of-Session Work include: Communicating with patients or family members via phone or email, communicating with outside providers via phone or email, preparation, dispatch and review of urine toxicology tests, report preparation, travel time to and from case management appointments.