Complex cases

People don’t come to us like research patients, with just one diagnosis.


They come with multiple challenges – many diagnoses, sometimes using drugs, unstable work and home lives, cognitive and medical issues… but they are all looking for a way to feel better, be more successful and more connected. All of us are more simply human than otherwise.

How we can help

Teamwork that scaffolds growth and healing

Treatment of complex issues must use multiple modalities working in parallel, all predicated on the person’s valued goals and stage of change. Different members of the team focus on discrete areas. Some may be using DBT or relapse prevention; another may be working with the family to improve communication and healthy limit setting; another working on medications; and another on getting fit, or getting work. this complex plan is formulated together with the family and patient and reviewed regularly, while the clinical team coordinates and strategizes daily.


This approach is not unique but borrows from assertive community treatment, integrated dual disorders treatment, family intervention approaches and rehabilitation. It’s just utilized enough in the private treatment world as it requires the coordination and experience that makes Psych garden special.


At Psych Garden, we’re known for being able to handle complexity in a nurturing and effective way, and so our referral base stretches across the country.

How we can help

Complex psychopharmacology consultation

We have a strong reputation for sophisticated second opinions on medications. Starting with the fundamentals of diagnosis, we often catch things others have missed – be that hormonal, neurological or infectious causes.


Thinking through the modulators and modifiers of the illness response, we apply our very deep knowledge of the research, and of the limitations in the research, to eliminate worthless or harmful medications, assist withdrawal, and streamline an effective medication regimen.


So many excellent medications have been forgotten as marketing distracts the average clinician. And so many medications must dove-tail with the individual genetics, personality and preferences to be useful.

Individual requirements

The long view &
short term goals

We are practical


When our clients face complex challenges, we assign them a case manager to help them apply for jobs (and allow their parents to be parents again). And we ensure they’re getting individual therapy, too.

Sometimes, our work is like a deep-sea rescue. Sometimes, it’s more like providing water wings. And sometimes, it’s just swimming alongside someone and saying, “You’re doing great”.